Am I meant to be alone?

Are there people out there who are meant to be alone? Alone and single are two very different things, for even the happiest married couple can each individually feel alone at times.

I’m talking more about those who, for whatever reasons, feel they are better off alone (single).

Preparing to spend the rest of your days married (or not) with the same person can be daunting.  It is often at this time in life that many people choose to go their separate ways. Each claiming that they need ‘space’ or ‘freedom’, is it possible that what they really need is to just be alone? By themselves. Completely single.

Relationships break up and break down for many reasons. I have often battled with the idea that the good old cliché (it’s not you it’s me) is actually fairly accurate. What if it is just me? What if the reason for all my failed relationships is down to the fact that I am meant to be alone in this world? Am I subconsciously ruining my relationships because deep down I know the truth?


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