The Weight Issue

Well…. my plan to lose weight has so far come to nothing!  I am not entirely sure how I am going to achieve my weight loss and I don’t know what my exact ‘goal’ is.

According to the NHS BMI Calculator (image attached) I am OBESE, not just chubby or pleasantly plump but OBESE. Cheers for that! Ok, so a BMI of 36.9 is not screaming sexy, healthy or wise, but I would not class myself as Obese.

Working off what they say, I am recommended to eat between 1745 – 2244 calories per day.  I’m thinking the 2244 especially is slightly high to be losing weight so I’m going to opt for my own amount, 1500 calories. This should work (well so my doctor says).

To be fair, it also says I should weigh between 7st 13lbs and 10st 11lbs. Quite a difference between the two!!


I think I will go for…..I will stop when I am happy with what I see in the mirror 🙂 



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