We All Have Secrets


I am usually a fairly reserved person, not even my partner or closest friends can say they know all about me. I like to keep certain things close to my chest. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in honesty and trust in relationships, friendships, life. But nobody is being 100% honest all of the time. Each of us is holding a secret within us, be it that they secretly love the Cheeky Girls, they have never had sex or they are a killer. Everyone has something to hide. this can be for a wide range of reasons.

My main reason for keeping part of my life secret is that it is the only thing I own that nobody knows about, nobody can judge me for it, nobody can steal it. I heard a quote recently though admittedly I can’t remember where “To have a secret is to be its master, to admit the secret is to be its slave”. I like that, a lot. I enjoy being the master of my secret. Only I can choose if and when to reveal it. 

When I do, I will forever be its slave, the secret will be out, as fact, and it will rule me as I once ruled it. And that…I am not ready for that.



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