The Spoonie Life

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Spoonie’ take a look here. A ‘Spoonie’ is someone, like me, who can identify with the Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino.

Being a Spoonie has been a life changing thing for me. I only heard about The Spoon Theory a few months back but I was amazed at how it related so perfectly to my life and the situation I have found myself in.

It was in March 2013 that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. To get this diagnosis was both frightening and a relief. I have suffered with the symptoms for over 10 years and there seemed to be no help out there for me. When I finally got a diagnosis, a name to what was wrong, it at least felt like a step in the right direction. Now I might just be able to get some help and get my symptoms under control.

My GP has tried me on so many different medications, none of which have worked at all. I have had sleepers, uppers, downers, painkillers, anti-epilepsy and anti-psychotic drugs. Nothing has even touched my symptoms. Alongside the usual head to toe pain and the extreme fatigue I also get chronic migraines (which have meant I have had to go into hospital for treatment), depression and anxiety, I also have sleep apnoea and I don’t think I have had a good nights sleep in over ten years.

So not much to deal with then.

As my GP has so far been unable to help me to deal with any of my health issues, I sought out my own help. Taking to the internet, I looked for anything that might help, a new drug, a therapy, even a quote that may just make me feel better. Then, I came across the Spoon Theory. I read this over and over again, amazed at what I had found. It has given me the chance to show people what I feel like, to explain to them what it is like being me. It has also shown me a great way of coping with my symptoms and my health issues. I simply work out what needs doing that day, assign the Spoons needed and ensure I stick to them.  You can’t buy or replace your Spoons so you have to be strict.

It is really working. I can’t wait to see how much I can gain from doing this but I am sure that it is better than waiting around for a miracle!


I have also just set up a Facebook group for those living with health issues who can identify with The Spoon Theory – find it here.



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