What Are You Waiting For?

Life isn’t just there to get through. Life isn’t all about doing the same as everyone else, keeping your head down and working 9-5. Life is there for you to live it, to change it, to make it yours and to make it unforgettable. 

It’s a Monday morning in September, the weather isn’t great and I really didn’t sleep too well last night. But, I am loving my life. Why? Because it is mine, I am moulding my life to be exactly the way I want it to be. I am sitting here, in my pyjamas, drinking coffee and ‘working’. (I say ‘working’ as it really doesn’t feel like that is what I do). My office is my dining room, my hours are whenever I want, my pay is up to me to decide, my holidays are flexible and I never need to ask permission!

I am sitting here now telling you all about this as I want to share my experiences along the way. I want each and every one of you to sit up and realise that the traditional 9-5 or shift work style is on its way out. We have the chance to change how we view our working lives. We have the chance to change how we earn, how we relax, how we live.

When I first heard of this opportunity I was incredibly sceptical about it. I had heard of things like this before along with comments such as ‘Oh it must be a scam’, ‘There is no way you can earn money that way’, ‘Go and get a REAL job!!’. So, needless to say, I didn’t think that I would ever get involved with anything linked to Network Marketing. It just wasn’t me. But, I decided to take a chance, learn more about the company and lay my negativity to one side, just for a few moments. I listened to presentations, read the brochures, Googled the LIFE out of the subject, talked to others doing the same thing and then…..”I’m in, I am doing this, sign me up NOW!!”. Yeah, I was surprised at myself for that one.


So, a bit about the company…..

I run my company under the umbrella of Forever Living. Forever have been around for 36 years and have a worldwide turnover of 2.6 billion. In over 155 countries they are the worlds largest grower of Aloe Vera. The most interesting thing about this company, and to me, the most important, is that they are run by one family – the same family that started this company, are the same family in charge today.  The company grows every year, they have never had dips in profit and are completely debt-free.

And their products…..

Forever have a wide rang of products that include weight management, personal and animal care, beauty and life balance. Their products can be used by men, women, children and pets so there is a large customer base out there!

What I do……(briefly)

OK, so if you are still with me at this point (thank you) I will now tell you how you can achieve the same lifestyle as thousands of other people.

I talk, I network, I buy, I sell, I get the word out, and I keep it going. I write, I read, I learn and most importantly I love it! I love every day on this journey because the opportunities are endless, the income is in my control, my life is mine to make!

All of this was only a couple of weeks ago, so I am new, still learning and by no means an expert! But in the few short weeks, my life has already been transformed. I wake up smiling, knowing that today, if I want to lie in, I can. I know that I am choosing what work I do and when, I can go out, meet people, get talking and sharing this opportunity.

This business is open to anyone, there are no limits on who can do this. That is the real beauty of this business.

So, if you want to know more about how you can take control of your own life, please just get in touch. You can leave a comment and I will get back to you or find me on any of the following:

Facebook:  That Aloe Thing

Twitter: @thataloething

Email: thataloething@gmail.com

After all – What are you waiting for?


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