Rhymes and Rhythms

I love music. I listen to music every single day. I just couldn’t go without it. So, I thought I would use this space to share some of my favourite songs, bands, lyrics and generally share music with you all.

A new fave of mine has to be Humanism – it helps that I know the lead in this very well. Their song “Tainted Time” is amazing! They are well worth a listen (and a follow on SoundCloud)

Another singer I follow is Hildy Harland – again I know her personally and she is going from strength to strength. As she herself admits, some of the recording aren’t the best, but you can really hear her potential in them. She performs regularly in the North East at various venues.

I found Jane Gray on SoundCloud when I was browsing local artists. My absolute favourite is her cover of Zombie – The Cranberries. It helps that I adore that song anyway, but her version is beautiful.


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